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You don’t need any other reason to use sex pheromones, other than this is the person I wanna talk to about pheromone attraction. And then we talked about the ideal of opening which is you know, ideally you create enough interest that she want to respond, she want to keep going and have an element of attraction from the get go and that’s why we lined out those emotional states and how to cultivate them and bring them up. So that, you have access to them in your opening . So, you know we talked a lot about certainty and why that’s important to your pheromone production She was away for 3 months, last date was with handholding, now we see each other again thanks to my ultra concentrated pheromone formula. Learn more at and

Date was basically she tells me a lot about her life. She even suggests going for another drink at another bar. Two times I try to kiss her. She looks away, I keep on talking like normal, no big deal. Later she tells me on facebook she doesn’t know how to do it. She never kissed and is virgin to human sex pheromones. What did I do good: Go for kiss, just be normal when it didn’t work out. Not too much kino as often before, just sometimes. I used a small amount of pheromone spray. What better next time: Be more alpha? More teasing roleplay making fun grabbing her with real pheromones. Date Angela – 4h talking, big similarities.. but less man-to-woman? The girl from facebook from above, took her facebook some years ago, she had boyfriend then. Actually I don’t know if she has a boyfriend. I just assumed she hasn’t. We talked *a lot*. 4 hours. Worldview, views about religion, future of society, diet, going to fkk, summer vs winter, shyness, movies, sport. We have very similar views. Interesting. At one point I was thinking it’s interesting to have sex with a person that I feel connected to. But this emotion was only a short time. We were sitting opposite from each other. No other seats were free. I did a bit of kino over the table, not too much. Did spare the topic boyfriends and men.. I guess because I was afraid of her asking me then and disqualifying myself right from the start. By using human pheromones I had gained an edge in the art of pheromone seduction. I should ask her if she is single. Or just meet her again and really go for escalation. Verbal intent and kino and teasing her with real pheromones It’s interesting. If I knew she has a boyfriend I would totally talk differently with her. I would talk about girls. Esoteric seminars I do. Why did i do it this way? I guess I followed her lead I guess. To eg meet this long. But well, it seemed ok and I just tried it. I was the one to end the date after the 2nd big drink (non-alcoholic cacao).. Learn more at